I’ve been telling people about this cool table that I had made for me, and many have heard the story but for those who haven’t here it is:

In summer, when I began work on the house, I was making (and still am I should say) frequent trips to the local consignment shop/vintage store ReRun on 7th and Fremont down the street from my house.  On one of these trips, I ran across a bench that I thought was beautifully crafted and reasonably priced, and it got me thinking about what I wanted to do in my breakfast nook of my house.

Given the “country kitchen” aesthetic I had thus far decided on, I was thinking of building a built-in breakfast bar in the nook, but was rapidly realizing that the amount of time required and priority of such a project was not on my radar.  When I saw this bench, I thought I’d look for a simple bench and table set that would match the rough, country aesthetic and warm the room up with some wood tones.

Alas, the bench was a one-off and did not have a matched pair, but I was able to get the info for the builder and so began my quest for the table.

I met the builder Howard Schneider several days later (turns out he was practically my neighbor) and we came up with a preliminary design together after I told him about the space and qualities I desired.

The design and build process was admittedly long, but Howard was really cool about involving me every step along the way.  We planed the wood together at Creative Woodworking (see previous post) and he would call me every couple weeks to come over and make custom specifications based on height, dimensions, and aesthetic qualities of the bench and table.

Before Christmas, the final product was delivered, and this is how it looks in the space:

The finalized table is composed of salvaged Douglas Fir and Walnut from the following sources – 2 storm-downed old growth trees from a farm in McMinnville, OR, and a single 10×12 roof beam from a 1906 mansion estate on NE 18th and Siskiyou that is currently  undergoing restoration to it’s original splendor.

The set was highly worth the wait and cost, and I would highly recommend the builder, Howard Schneider of Green Bench LLC.  It brings a great warmth of wood tones to my country style kitchen and it’s built to last forever.